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The North American Collectibles Association (NACA), founded in 1982, is dedicated to supporting dealers, creators and serious collectors of items covering all genres of collectibles.

Recognizing the increased importance of collectibles, the NACA continues to discover ways to support enthusiasts and professionals, alike. The mission of the NACA is to promote education, increase knowledge and provide services that enhance the individual dealer, creator and collector in their business or hobby of collectibles.

The NACA includes dealers, retailers, auction firms, associations of specific types of collectibles, serious collectors and creators of items of value. The diversity of interests contributes to increased knowledge and networking possibilities for our members with other individuals and associations involved in the vast array of the collectible industry.

The Benefits of Joining The NACA Include...

  • Member discounts including FedEx Parcel & Freight Shipping and Premium Safes.
  • Eligibility to participate in group insurance programs, including Shipping Insurance and Inventory Insurance
  • Networking, Resources and communications of interest to the collectibles industry